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Pelton Turbine Units

The introduction of impact type hydro turbine

The impact type hydro turbine is one of the main turbine products of our company. Since the 1980s, after more than 30 years of development, our company's impact turbines have evolved from single nozzle to six nozzles of which the product type is getting improved:

Our company’s impact type hydro turbine units are serviced all over the country and exported to many power stations in Pakistan, Nepal, Cuba, Turkey, Vietnam, India and other countries, which now have been generating electricity successfully one after another, receiving a favorable response.


The company has provided 120 sets of impact type unit for 58 hydropower stations, the maximum unit capacity is 60 MW, the water head range is 182m-1064m, the runner diameter is 45cm-233cm, the rotating speed is 375rpm-1000rpm, and the generator frame is 0.56m-4.5m.

Technical parameters:

Vertical shaft impact type Rated power(KW):4500~60000
Horizontal shaft impact type Rated power(KW):110~7500

Typical Projects

Typical Projects