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Introduction of mixed-flow type hydro turbine unit

The mixed-flow type hydro turbine unit is widely used in hydropower stations because of its features of high water head and medium flow water power resources. With continuous development in hydropower products, our company has accumulated rich experience in the design and manufacture of mixed-flow type hydro turbine unit, gradually forming a complete and wide range of excellent mixed-flow type hydro turbine product series which are suitable for a variety of water head sections with different capacities and speeds in different water quality conditions of power stations. Among them, the maximum runner diameter is up to 4.75 meters, and the maximum unit capacity is up to 90MW. Our company has produced more than 500 sets of mixed-flow hydropower equipment for more than 300 power stations in mainland China and abroad. The products are sold well with a high reputation in 29 provinces and cities in China and exported to more than ten countries including Japan, Turkey, India, Vietnam and Pakistan.


The company has provided 639 (sets) mixed-flow unit for 304 hydropower stations, the water head range is 20m~274m, the maximum unit capacity is 99MW, the runner diameter is 60cm~475cm, the speed is 107rpm~1000rpm, and the generator stand is 0.56m~9.9m.

Technical parameters:

Vertical mixed-flow type Rated power(KW):1000~99000
Horizontal mixed-flow type Rated power(KW):145~7500

Typical Projects

Typical Projects