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Introduction to Electric Drive System

DEC Dongfeng Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., has been committed to the research and development of electric vehicle drive system since the 1990s. Through the integration of superior technical resources, Dongfeng has been chosen as one of Dongfang Electric Corporation’s electric vehicle electric drive system research and development centers. 

There is a technical team with independent research and development capabilities in the center, which is composed of 1 academician and over 20 senior engineers and other qualifications, including over 20 doctors and 40 masters in total.

Since 2000, it has completed a number of national “863” major special researches, creating a powerful technology advantage in the field of motor drive system and special motors.

Dongfeng has a strong R&D capability in the field of motor drive system. In the early 1990s, Dongfeng successfully developed a 20kW AC asynchronous motor drive system for Hughes(a American electric corporation). After more than 20 years of continuous research and development, the company has become one of major special research units of electric vehicles under national “863” plan, participated in a number of research projects related to “863” electric vehicle drive, and has built a high-performance electric drive system laboratory and an automatic production line with the annual output of 50,000 electric vehicle drive systems. These platforms create a solid foundation for Dongfeng Electric Machinery Co.,Ltd. to provide quality service to customers. Dongfeng Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. has a complete range of electric drive products, including DC, AC asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous motor drive systems; the power level of the products covers the low-power vehicles, sedans, medium vans, large buses, as well as municipal sanitation vehicles and logistics vehicles. The product is suitable for pure electric, hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles.

1. AC Asynchronous Series Motor

The power of AC Asynchronous Series Motor covers 4kW-180kW, with water or air cooling mode adopted and protection grade of IP55 or above. The motor is provided with drawn aluminum frame or die-cast aluminum mechanism. It is featured with light structure, small volume, and light weight, widely suitable for all kinds of minicars and passenger vehicle. Currently, the voltage level of 36V, 42V, 48V, 72V, 180V or 400V can be selected for AC Asynchronous Series Motor. The double flat key and spline form are used in the structure, which can also be customized as required.

2. Permanent Magnet Series Motors 

The permanent magnet series motors, with the power ranging from 10KW to 120KW, cooling mode in water cooling or air cooling, protection grade at IP55 or above, is equipped with the motor made of drawn die-casting aluminum base, these series of motors are featured with light structure, small size, light weight and high efficiency, being suitable for types of light mini vehicles, passenger cars, municipal commercial vehicles, municipal special vehicles, etc. The structure of motors is mainly in the form of spline and is also customizable as required.

3. Drive system integration

The drive system integration products of the company covering 6KW~180KW with the protection level at IP55 or above are widely used in hybrid-power and pure-electric cars and buses. These series of products may also be customizable as required.

4. Motor Controller

The motor controller involves AC asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous controllers. The power of AC asynchronous controller ranges from 6KW to 180KW, and the power and voltage level of permanent magnet synchronous controller power ranges from 10KW and 200KW as well as from 100V to 600V DC respectively. The cooling of permanent magnet synchronous controller is air-cooling or water-cooling mode. The controller products are featured with small size, light weight and wide voltage control range. Additionally, the control strategy is adjustable according to customer demands.

The controller sends the operating conditions and fault information of the controller and motor via CAN bus. The operating conditions involve revolving speed and mileage of the motor, battery voltage, phase current of motor, radiator temperature, etc; The fault information involves the over-current, overvoltage, under-voltage control power supply, overheating IGBT, under-voltage battery, overvoltage battery, contact failure of contractor, high pedal, powered neutral position, over-speed, service brake fault, parking brake fault, overload, switching logic, etc. The controller is provided with RS232 communication function, and the user is supported by adjusting the motor running parameters on the site through Interface RS232. Furthermore, the controller products are customizable as required.

5.High Efficiency Permanent Magnet and Special Motor

DEC Dongfeng Electric Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating the R&D, design, manufacture and sales of ultra-efficient rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor. It occupies a building area of 460,000 square meters, among which, the building area for production is 250,000 square meters. The Company is a modern permanent magnet motor production enterprise equipped with machine processing, electric machining, VPI vacuum dipping, automatic assembly line, and dedicated testing equipment for large permanent magnet motors. The high-level R&D design team of Company accumulates lots of practical experience in the field of permanent magnet motor production, making the Company one of main domestic enterprises for the production of ultra-efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Typical Projects

Typical Projects