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Quality Control

Quality system

The company owns three national standard technology centers,such as DEC small and medium-sized power generation equipment research institute.Sichuan high efficiency motor engineering technology research center and electric vehicle drive system R&D center.

The company owns a specialized R&D team. With its advanced ERP,OA,E-HR,SRM,CAPP and other information system,a smooth information system and a quick response mechanism inside and outside the center are formed through the workstation network,bettering adapt to the flexible market demands.Based om CAD software system,the international leading CATIA software is used to realize the 2D and 3D design of the product,and at the same time,the moving parts of the product are simulated by computer.Through motion analysis,we can check the preloading and product performance evaluation that cannot be completed in the production,eliminate the hidden troble in the design process,and use ANSYS and other professional analysis software to analyze the stress of the stiffness of key components to truly achieve the data design.

While consolidating the traditional hydro power,thermal power and wind power generation equipment development,the company continuously strengthens the R&D capability in new energy automobile electric drive system.permanent magnet high efficiency motor and special motor,a core competitiveness with Dongfeng characteristics and Dongfeng advantage is being created accordingly.