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Motor Controller

The motor controller involves AC asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous controllers. The power of AC asynchronous controller ranges from 6KW to 180KW, and the power and voltage level of permanent magnet synchronous controller power ranges from 10KW and 200KW as well as from 100V to 600V DC respectively. The cooling of permanent magnet synchronous controller is air-cooling or water-cooling mode. The controller products feature with advantages including small size, light weight and wide voltage control range. Additionally, the control strategy is adjustable according to customer demands.

The controller sends the operating conditions and fault information of the controller and motor via CAN bus. The operating conditions involve revolving speed and mileage of the motor, battery voltage, phase current of motor, radiator temperature, etc; The fault information involves the over-current, overvoltage, under-voltage control power supply, overheating IGBT, under-voltage battery, overvoltage battery, contact failure of contractor, high pedal, powered neutral position, over-speed, service brake fault, parking brake fault, overload, switching logic, etc. The controller is provided with RS232 communication function, and the user is supported to adjust the motor running parameters on the site through Interface RS232. Furthermore, the controller products are customizable according to customer requirements.