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Case Introduction

The high efficiency permanent magnet motor of our company is widely used in the fan, water pump, pulp pump, pumping unit and other equipment, covering various industries of cement, papermaking, steel, textile, chemical, petroleum etc. all of which have been operated stably and greatly reduced the temperature rise (about 15~20K) and saved the electric power (power saving rate reached 5%~25%),the results won the praise of our users.

Cement industry:

Since 2014, a number of cement manufacturers have purchased motors of different specifications and models with rated power ranging from 18.5 kw to 355 kw from our company, which are used in energy saving renovation projects of cement production lines. The object of energy saving transformation includes roots fan, bi cooler, chain bucket conveying, main transmission of in-mill elevator, and main motor of vertical mill separator. According to the feedback from users, the motor indicators meet the design requirements and the effect of power saving is obvious which reached a comprehensive power saving rate over 10%.

Oil industry:

A number of subsidiary oilfield companies under Sinopec, PetroChina have purchased the high efficiency permanent magnet energy-saving motor with rated power ranging from 11 ~ 315 kw of our company, used in the energy saving renovation of beam pumping unit and injection pump equipment. Through the operation data detection, assessment from the oilfield monitoring center for our motors, the energy saving effect is obvious and the energy saving rate reaches 10~25% compared with the original motor.

Machine industry:

A large natural gas filling and cylinder manufacturing enterprise purchased the motor with rated power of 55~90 kw of our company, for the energy saving renovation of oil press machine and gas cylinder spinning machine main motor, all of which have reached energy saving rate of 10~20%.

Chemical industry:

A chemical group has purchased several sets of high-efficiency permanent magnet energy-saving motors from our company for the energy-saving renovation since 2016, which are respectively used in pumps, fans, stirring pumps and other equipment, with motor power covering 18.5~90 kw, power saving rate reaching 13~15%.

Paper industry:

Since 2015, a number of paper enterprises have purchased a number of high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motors from our company, which are respectively used in pulp pump, stirring pump, fan, rewinder and other equipment, with the motor power covering 18.5~250 kw, and the power saving rate reaching 5~17%.